Since we won’t have the 7” tonight (at this), here’s what we’re going to do: In exchange for $7 and your mailing address, we’ll give you a download code, and we’ll deliver the record to you when we get it. (if you give us your email too, we’ll let you know when we get them in)


we just got back home from tour yesterday and unfortunately, still no 7”s. Apparently, the pressing plant we’re using is backed up because of Record Store Day and, to add to that, our stampers got damaged somehow, so now they have to re-plate them. I’m sorry for the delay but we will send em out to you as soon as we get them. As far as the “release” show on Sunday night goes, we still won’t have the 7”s. Again, to those of you who bought it or were planning on buying it on Sunday, sorry for such a long delay.



\we’re going on tour again, it’s gonna rule. check it out. look up at the top.

photo (c) ethan long. send $$ to him.


so diy fest in allston is happening this year. and if you don’t know what that is you should go here. http://suffolkjournal.us/wordpress/

if you have money that you want to give to something good go here. http://suffolkjournal.us/wordpress/111-2

it’s good for people.

we’re gonna put out a 7” in January.

summer’s been great.

back at home.

we made it back safe and sound from the trip. to everyone who helped us out, whether it was with booking a show, letting us stay at their place, gave us money, showed us a good time, fed us or drove us to a show when our van was fucked: thanks! you guys are amazing, and i hope that someone shows you kindness that has the same impact on you as you did for us…. makes me think people are pretty alright. 

this is a picture of some weird animal skeletons i took at a museum. it wasn’t from tour. 

we’re getting back to writing stuff and we’re playing a few shows in our area the next couple months.

thanks again

van broke.

we have to cancel our flagstaff show unfortunately. the van needs a new fuel pump. our next show will be tomorrow in Albuquerque.

heading back east

the trip’s been great so far. thanks to everyone who has put us up, been nice to us, given us money and tattooed us for free. i’m in san diego and i’ve got some time to kill so i figured i’d use this thing. also, if anyone along the next string of dates wants to give us more free tattoos, that would be great.


imagewe’re almost out of town for a long time. we’re going to a lot of places with our friends in fat history month

we got magic isn’t real back in on vinyl! you can get it here if you want. http://pile.bandcamp.com/album/magic-isnt-real
we’re just about to run out of the big web 7”s though, so if you  want it you should get it on this thing now or come to a show on the tour (we’re going saving some for that).
and! in other bullshit, we’re going to have dripping on doo doo crap brown colored vinyl which is only going to be available at shows. 
and also again! i put all the lyrics up there.